Creative Direction and Design

Creative Direction and Design

Concepts come in all shapes and sizes. Some clients come to us with fully-baked ideas in need of execution, others rely on us for from-scratch concepts and some clients are somewhere in between. Whatever the need, people have always been able to rely on our talents for film and movie concepts, research, creative script writing and visualization, video production storyboards, pitch decks, treatments, budgets, art direction, production flows, close collaboration and candid communication.

Our Capabilities

Concepts and Treatments

We kick off each project by assessing our client’s needs. We listen to “must-haves” and ideas, and then if the project calls for it, we craft a custom treatment that breaks down the look and feel of a project. Our treatments help our clients visualize the final outcome in a dynamic way that prevents surprises and helps to sell ideas up the chain when needed. 

Video and Film Storyboarding

We can create custom video and film storyboards that help put specific visuals to our production plan. Scene-by-scene, shot-by-shot, our storyboards get into the nitty gritty of the story we are seeking to tell.

Creative Script Writing

Our directors also happen to be great writers. Need great copy for voiceovers, visuals or dialogue? We got you.  

Art Direction

This goes hand in hand with our storyboarding, creative visualization and overall concepts. We not only work to create great script copy, but our expertise is in creating dynamic visuals that tell stories too. This leads to set design, propping, wardrobe and all of the visual choices that go into a production.