The Tools Matter

the tools matter

As a video production company in Cleveland, we create content for a broad spectrum of clients. From the wizened agency Creative Director to the freshly minted Marketing Associate, the levels of experience with and expectations for video content are all over the map in our client roster. We love and embrace the diversity, and over the years we have gotten pretty good at sussing out who does want to hear us wonk out about the gear and who is on ‘Team Does Not’.

We understand ‘Team Does Not’. There is a lot to know and most don’t care to discuss at length the nuances of our new full-frame Angenieux cinema lenses. ‘Team Does Not’ simply wants to know that we are using the tools that deliver the discernable differences in production value that will separate their content from the pack. ‘Team Does Not’ trusts that Think Media Studios cares about such things. This blog is here to tell you that the trust is well placed.

The tools truly do matter. The professionals who use them matter more so, but the tools are often times responsible for that extra dose of recognizable magic. It’s sometimes hard to put your finger on it, but you know it when you see it. We are careful when selecting what to use and when because it is always our goal to put the budget on to the screen. So we lean on our experience to choose the cameras, lensing, motion appliances and grip/ electric packages that will yield the production values that we insist on for our clients. We inventory our fair share of this gear for the sake of convenience, but we also know well how to find the right tools just about anywhere in the world our work takes us.

We also invest in things like staffing a fully equipped audio department because we know, whether our clients realize it or not, that sound is often times 50% of the show. If you’ve been to one of our sets, you’ve likely met “Mikey C”, our lead audio engineer. Mike has provided a full break down of the new broadcast quality lav mics we recently scored, but we realize that the average reader of this blog does not want to hear about the technical specs (sorry, Mikey). Just trust that your next project will look and sound amazing and that the tools play a big part in the creation of the amazingness. We’ll keep the wonking out to ourselves.

Colleen Bedell
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