This one’s for the production wonks (packing day)


If you are not involved in and or interested in video production and or nerd-like things, you will most likely find the following post abysmally boring. Read at your own risk.

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin…..It’s the day before our departure for Johannesburg and we’re busy packing up the gear. As far as camera goes , we’ll be shooting in 720p HD on a Panasonic HVX200 w/ 2 64GB P2 cards for onboard storage.  For remote footage dumps we’re taking 2 – 250 GB Rugged drives plus a 6TB RAID1 tower that will live in the hotel safe for overnight  master footage dump-age. The carry-on case we’ve put together for the drives looks like every NTSB agent’s nightmare at this point so the trip through security and customs should be pretty interesting.

This not a bomb, I swear. 1-6TB tower, 2-250GB Rugged drives, 1-Fressi onboard HMI

It’s not a bomb, I swear.

We’ve opted to bring our own minimalistic lighting set up, 1-Arri 1K and 2-300’s plus soft boxes etc. It’ll save us a couple grand in rentals. Justin spent a lot of time researching how we could successfully use American lighting set ups in South Africa. After much internet surfing and calls to Arri we concluded that a few basic current converters and the replacement of the lamps in our lights will do the trick. Don’t ask me to

South African to U.S. current converters

South African to U.S. current converters

explain the differences in electrical current between the U.S. and the rest of the world. Like many other things, we

swappin' bulbs yo

swappin’ bulbs yo

Americans have our very own special way of doing things and the delivery of electricity to appliances is no exception.

All in all,  we’re packing a grand total of 6 bags including the bags we’ll use to haul our clothes which isn’t too bad. We’re bringing most of our own sound gear and all the other usual suspects and we’ll be augmenting a bit with some grip stuff through the local crew that we’ll be taking on while we’re in South Africa.

We’re pretty stoked. See you on the other side of the ocean.


Justin and Keith discuss hair care

Justin and Keith discuss hair care

Justin loves our new light bag, I caught him making out with it the other day.

Justin loves our new light bag, I caught him making out with it the other day.

  • Looks like you guys are of on a really exciting adventure! Take it all in go where the trip takes you.
    looking forward to the updates…King Me!

    March 15, 2009 Reply
  • Pat

    Glad you guys made it safely. The pictures are great!
    Enjoy and be safe!

    March 16, 2009 Reply

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