Back in the Saddle

We spent the day in Bay Village , Ohio with our new friend Steve Holliday and his wife Marilyn.


Steve’s a great story teller and he has a story for just about any situation. He is admittedly not the best checker player on earth but what he lacks in checkers mastery, he makes up for with wit. We thank Steve and Marilyn for their hospitality and for a delicious lunch. Make sure you ask Marilyn for her cinnamon bread recipe.

Steve let us hang out in his basement lair.

Steve let us hang out in his basement lair.

Today also marks the triumphant return of Justin Russell to our crew. Justin spent most of his free time last summer writing, directing and shooting his own B slasher movie. For you Clevelanders, his film, Deathstop Holocaust, premiers at the Cedar Lee Theater on July 11th. For the rest, you can check out his trailer etc here:
visit the site

Since netflix started their Watch it Now streaming service I’ve been fending off my insomnia by watching movies pretty much every night on my computer. I’ve come across some great movies that I was unaware of or had forgotten about thanks to the service. One documentary in particular that I’ve seen recently and recommend to all doc fans is Dear Zachary. It is by no means a feel good movie. In fact, it will actually rip your heart out of your chest and show it to you Indiana Jones style. The Netflix synopsis makes it sound like a bit of a snooze but trust me it’s not.
visit Dear Zachary

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