Rounding Third

The fact that I forgot my login and password to this blog was a painful reminder that it has been way too long since we’ve posted any updates. Back in January we predicted that we’d be finished with editorial by April. We’ve obviously missed this self-imposed deadline. Paying the bills and keeping up with our little production company’s workload have put us a bit behind schedule. We won an Emmy and an Addy for some of our work for clients this winter.

Do not despair King Me anticipators. Danielle, Keith and I have been steadily stealing time and are closing in on a finished King Me. We are using the late submissions deadline for the 2011 Sundance International Film Festival as our new benchmark. That date is September 24, roughly 5 weeks away. Danielle is deep into the final scenes of the movie at this point. Next comes story tweaking, final music selection, final sound mix, motion graphics and color grading. We will make this deadline and we’re excited to mix it up with the 10,000 or so other entries from which roughly 185 are chosen to play at Sundance every year.

In checker news: we congratulate Alex Moiseyev for defending his U.S. 3-Move Restriction National Champion title at the recent match held in Springfield, Illinois.

Finding and selecting music for projects is a personal passion of mine. This spring I ran across Canadian act, Timber Timbre. Budget permitting (fingers double crossed) we hope to be able to include a few of their songs in the movie. Click below for a sample.


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