The Phantom.

A few seconds may not seem like enough time to capture the detail of a specific shot when shooting an action packed sports video. You may think you would miss a certain element or distinct feature of the picture, but a few seconds slowed down and shot at 1,000 frames per second with 4K resolution can change your perspective.

Slow motion video is a powerful tool, and often used to give a project versatility or make the end result more artistic. Most cameras shoot in slow motion, but one type of camera takes high-speed imaging and slow motion features to a new level. This type of camera is the Phantom Flex.

The Phantom Flex amplifies high-speed image and quality all at once to capture images and video that allow the viewer to see every little detail. With the ability to shoot 1,000 frames per second in 4K resolution, the Phantom Flex comes in hand for the types of projects and visually dynamic videos created at Think Media.

“We have used the Phantom Flex on a few projects here at Think over the years. The Phantom Flex is our go to camera for any type of high-speed shooting that needs to retain quality and color space. It’s  incredible to use for high energy and fast-moving subjects,” says Think Media’s Art Director Ryan Hardy.

A standard frame rate used for shooting video is 30 frames per second. So, compared to any regular frame rate, a Phantom camera allows for super high-speed shots, and videos shown in super slow motion with incredible clarity. With the resource in a tool such as this camera, we are able to capture images such as a basketball bouncing up and down so slow that the viewer can see the air compress inside the ball as it hits the court.

In fact, we created this exact type of action shot for Ohio State men’s basketball with a Phantom camera in this video link at 00:25 seconds.

“When you are shooting collegiate and professional athletes running drills and executing plays at full speed, you can now see every muscle and movement involved in those plays being played back in almost frozen time. “It’s pretty incredible to see these type of things like a basketball hit a floor, or a player dunking the ball with immense force, it adds that ‘wow’ factor that many clients are looking for,” adds Hardy.

The dynamics that the Phantom cameras create in video quality and slow motion effects gives viewers an experience they would not normally perceive with the naked eye. Slowing down a certain shot or part of a video can assure that our viewers experience the artistic expression intended in each shot. The careful use of slow motion in action videos adds to the artistic nature of the stories we tell through our videos.


Mary Hipp
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