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Corporate Video

When first thinking of corporate video, the classic mission, vision and values structure comes to mind. “Talking heads” explaining a product or company’s mission is a typical format for this type of video. To be quite honest, it is not the most exciting work in this business, but it will always be necessary.

We love telling stories for our clients, and corporate video presents a unique challenge in finding a way to create a visual story that engages viewers while still providing a wealth of information.  

Corporate videos are much like a handshake to your clients and customers. You are providing them with information on who you are, introducing yourself and selling your specific brand. Information cannot be loaded into a video as it would be a brochure. Clients may want a brochure worth of information, but the central message in video must be intentional and specific in order to resonate with with clients and customers. 

Here at Think Media, we like to take a special approach in order to break the mold on traditional corporate video. Including pertinent information in this type of work is key, while making sure it remains unique and honest. It is our job to make a project that captivates an audience while educating the viewer on our client’s product or vision.

Director/Producer, Ryan Girard, says that while planning for corporate videos, he works to identify with the company’s brand so he can help position the client to communicate their unique value. Video is a great asset that allows the client to tell a story while making a connection between the viewer and their brand.

Examples of Corporate Video

Corporate video work directed by Ryan Girard for Boogie Board 

There’s comfort in the rhythm that’s created between our hand and eye when we write. Something that can’t be replaced by the mild swipe of a finger. Or the hammering of our thumbs. No. This is like a dance. A dance that’s paved the way for millions upon millions of ideas to come to fruition. And though some of what we write may have more impact than others, it’s always the thought that counts. Boogie Board.

“The most important part of executing a corporate video is keeping the video creative while simultaneously achieving the business’ goals,” says Girard. Our clients know their products best because they are their own thought leaders and creators.  

“I like to start the planning of my videos with a good line of communication between myself and the client. It’s important to understand the type of people they are, their foundation and their values because you want them to breathe into the work and have them feel like it is their video,” adds Girard.

The ability to show an audience the aspects to a brand or company message is such a great asset for marketing messages. Breaking the mold with corporate video starts with structuring it well and straying from the weight of unnecessary information.

Facilitating a big idea that draws the viewer in to make them want to know more is the ultimate goal. A corporate video should be a trailer almost to grab the viewer’s attention and make them want to know more.

Each video made is unique to every company, and there is no vague answer as to how to precisely break the mold with videos loaded with information. “What we do is such a collaborative craft, but coming from a position where you really think about the execution and approach is how a video stands out from the crowd,” says Girard.

Our clients come to us because we are the best at what we do. It is our job, and frankly our obligation to provide a creative and strategic approach to communicating the message.

Corporate video work directed by Ryan Girard for Brennan Industries
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